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I’m a designer finishing a master course in Usability Engineering at the HSRW, in the NRW, Germany. I have experiences in a variety of fields in Design and I enjoy combining them to envision new possibilities.

Among others topics, I am interested in design systems (design languages), accessibility and knowledge sharing.

Want to know more?

I fell in love with the internet at a very young age. Built an online community for a music group at age 14. In 2002 I started my studies in Design at one of Brazil’s best universities1, 2.

I’ve always enjoyed exploring the world, observing different cultures and learning languages. At 21, I went to Japan for a 3-year study program in video production. Yes, the course was in Japanese, and I can speak it! Check the music video I produced as my graduation project.

Back in Florianópolis, the Brazilian IT city 3, 4, 5, I worked in a small agency that was just opening and then in a big company. These contrasting experiences provided great learnings; specially on how communication styles differ in smaller interdisciplinary teams and in corporations.

I have also customer service experience. I worked at the largest publicly owned bank in Latin America, helping customers find their ideal financial solutions.

In 2013 I moved to Germany. Since then I kept myself busy taking German courses, teaching English to high school students, attending design events and more recently with my master course.

If you are still curious, maybe you will find some more answers reading the FAQ.

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UX, UI, Sketch, Adobe CC, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Prototyping tools, Usability testing