I am very happy that you want to know more about me!
I see the About page was not enough. I hope the answers here help!
If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

I see you have a Design background, but do you have programming skills?

I’m not an expert but I really enjoy front-end development and am always learning more about it. Learning HTML and CSS as a teenager is what brought me to Design in the first place.

Lately I'm playing with React and TypeScript. Take a look at what I've been doing at GitHub.

Can you speak German?

Ja! Ich bin 2013 in Deutschland angekommen und habe sofort mit dem Sprachenlernen angefangen. Ich hatte an der VHS viel Spaß und mein letzter Kurs war im August 2015 auf der Stufe C1. Natürlich muss ich noch viel üben und meinen Wortschatz verbessern, aber ich liebe das Erlernen neuer Sprachen.

So can you speak seven languages?

I can surely read in English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Japanese. Those are the languages I have formally studied throughout my life. In rare occasions, I even wrote in some other languages with the help of books or the internet. Not all of them are active for conversations. I can easily exchange between English and Portuguese, talking to a group of people in both languages at the same time is not a problem. Switching from or to German is still a bit tricky, but I'll get there!

What do you do on your free time?

I watch series, discover new music, do yoga, fail at artistic endeavors but persist, learn something new. I actually have fun learning and talking about languages. I enjoy restaurants, coffee and traveling.