An AI predictive maintenance product for fleet managers.

interaction designer, researcher, visual designer
July 2017
I joined the MAIoT team participating at the by UnternehmerTUM.

We started from scratch; ideating and researching. We talked to people from the trucking and the maintenance industries. We also learned the intricacies of artificial intelligence (mostly, machine learning and anomaly detection), and talked to researchers that were applying these concepts in related fields.

With a better understanding of the problem we proposed to solve, we started refining the product idea and prototyping. I created different prototypes to test how users would trust an AI the most. As well as a landing page and presentation graphics to introduce the project to different stakeholders.

Landing page for

How can we convey trustworthiness?

With a detailed dashboard?

Or a simple SMS service?

What’s the business model? How does your algorithm work?

Let me answer that visually! Some slides from our presentations.