A project sharing platform for makers.

UI designer, asset collector, test note taker
June 2016
semester project
This project took place in 5 days following the Google Design Sprint. Our team of 11 developed and tested a prototype within one week.

The dream team

It all started from a goal to create a knowledge platform for projects. After collecting individual thoughts we formed a more specific idea of our platform.

For the first prototype, we worked on three core aspects: how to share an idea, how to document projects, and how to remake them.

I acted as UI designer along three others and as asset collector. Which meant: providing icons and a UI kit, defining a color scheme, and creating a quick logo.

We can prototype really fast!

We did a great collaborative work and could quickly build a high-fidelity prototyping.

And even make an ad for Loops!

On the last day we conducted usability tests. I acted as an observer and made notes.

With a better understanding of our users’ needs we could vote for the best features in our prototype and decide which parts were worth improving.

Testing time!

You can read more about the experience on Medium.