Family Times

An automated print newspaper that connects generations using content from social media. Winner of the Summer School Judges Choice Awards 2017.

‘co-founder’, design expert
September 2017

Our solution: First automated newspaper using content from social media

I met Margarethe (Business) and Saurabh (Software Engineering) at the Summer School by Burda Bootcamp. In this two-week program, small interdisciplinary teams create new products. I was responsible for the design aspects of the project. Every morning we learned tips and techniques from experts and in the afternoon we applied them.

Our promise: We connect generations

The idea for the Family Times came up after interviewing elderly people in a retirement home. Technology quickly changed how we communicate but it doesn’t mean that everyone adapted to the new ways.

Generations have their preferences in communication just like in music.

Because of the limited time for this project I had to optimize work as much as possible and make quick decisions:
  • I created a few logos on the weekend so that we could choose one as a team;
  • I used UI kits to quickly prototype our website;
  • I decided on limiting the number of pages of the sample newspapers, but on having different editions. We had to capture the audience’s attention and it was not an uniform group of people.
Besides, a lot of time had to be dedicated to the pitch slide deck and presentation training.

The Family Times stand on the pitch night

On the final day we pitched our idea at a public event, bringing along a few samples of family newspapers and a prototype of a sign-up page. 🔗

But how would you earn money once this generation passes?

The project won the Judges Choice Award particularly for its scalability. Today most successful companies are adaptable, systematically aligning to the changes of the market and the customers. In our case, while producing a simple print newspaper we are gathering data and learning about families behavior in social media.